Here’s what working with PitchLift looks like.

Whether you choose to get a beautiful new deck design, or helpful advice on your deck's content or financials, our process is efficient and effective.

Efficient and effective
from beginning to end.

Deck Design Process

  1. Select the Deck Design option on the order page.
  2. Once payment has been confirmed, a project manager will contact you within 24 hours to complete the project setup.
  3. Within 2 business days, you'll receive a design sample.
  4. We incorporate your feedback and then craft the rest of your pitch deck as agreed.
  5. You review the first draft and provide feedback.
  6. We make any required edits, then after a second round of changes (if needed), we prepare the final version of the deck.
  7. We deliver the deck in your chosen format (.ppt or .key) so you have the ability to make future changes.

Deck Review Process

  1. Select either Content Review or Financials Review on the order page.
  2. Once payment has been confirmed, a project manager will contact you within 24 hours to complete the project setup.
  3. Within 3 days, you’ll receive detailed feedback on your pitch deck’s content or financials. It will include what's missing, what needs clarification and what doesn't belong.
  4. Within the next 5 business days you can ask questions that will help you make edits or changes.

If you also selected the design upgrade, then that will happen once the content and financials feedback has finished.

Frequently asked questions.

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. We also support transactions in a range of different currencies.
You'll be asked to pay 50% of the project fee when you place an order to engage us to work on your project, and the remainder once you receive the final deliverables.
No! While most startup decks contain 12-15 slides, if you think that more slides are needed, then we will design them. Our order from supports orders for decks that include up to 32 slides, so if you have more simply contact us via email and a member of our team will reach out to discuss your project. If you want help with your deck's slide order or quantity, then select our Content Review service and we'll provide help and guidance on the best layout for your deck.
We can certainly create a deck design that follows an established corporate style such as a website. You'll just need to provide clear reference for us to follow, as well as any color references and fonts that we will need.
The first stage of a Deck Design project is that we provide you with a design sample to give you a taste of the design style. You'll then have the chance to provide feedback make sure we get it 100% right. Only once the design is agreed will our designers continue to design the whole deck in this style.
Yes. Two rounds of feedback and revisions are included.
You can choose between a standard turnaround of 5 business days, or our express delivery of 3 business days.
The Content Review is specifically to provide guidance and changes for your deck's written content, considering how well it communicates your business and whether it includes everything an investor will be looking for. The Financials Review focuses on those parts of the deck that relate to financial matters, such as financial projections, investment drivers and use of proceeds while looking for consistencies between the finances and overall pitch.
You can choose between a standard turnaround of 3 business days, or our express delivery of 24 hours.
Our team have worked on many different types of decks (and other design projects) so we are happy to take on non-investor decks. Simply explain the nature of the deck during the order process and when one of our project managers connects with you they will be happy to discuss the details.
While we believe that a deck that we have designed or any advice given will improve your investor deck, we can't guarantee that you will secure investment as there are many factors involved and each investor has a different opinion. However, using PitchLift will certainly increase your chances as our goal is to make your deck serious, professional, and defendable.
Our lips are sealed. Our standard Client Agreement includes a comprehensive confidentially clause, and all projects are covered by our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement that pledges us to safeguard your company information. Additionally, each of our team members has signed a strict confidentially agreement with PitchLift, Inc.
We are industry agnostic. Our specialty is not in a single industry, but rather in understanding what investors want to see in a pitch deck to make an investment decision.
For those pitch deck that need a bit of extra care and attention, we provide a more comprehensive service that is designed to meet the specific needs of a project. The experience we've gained by developing hundreds of pitch decks means we can help with content editing and improvement, as well as refinement and creation of financial projections. Get in touch, and one of our project managers will reach out to discuss your needs.

Elevate your pitch deck today.